I'm an undercover blonde with red hair who loves three very important things. 1. Life. 2. Capturing moments. 3. My red hair. I am a celebratory, adventure seeking, warm, and joyful wedding and elopement photographer and videographer. *cough cough* Also known as a hybrid photographer. Howie Photography was born in 2013, on a school bus, rushingly filling out what elective she was going to take as a freshman in high school, and absolutely no knowledge of what this passion of Hphoto was going to turn into. Collegiate volleyball brought me up to the PNW and settled my heart in the beautiful city of Portland, OR. Once I graduated college and got my BA in Business, I went full time in...the...middle...of...a...pandemic. With God by my side and huge support of family and friends my passion for photography, it is now my  FULL TIME BIZZZZ and I am still rockin' it. 

oh and you can call me tay, thow, or howie

This is howie do it

I am currently based in Portland, OR - Las Vegas, NV - Phoenix, AZ- and expanding my horizons to serve any and all forms of love who are connected to me and my work, worldwide. Yes, I said it.... worldwide and yes I said that too... all forms of love are welcome here!

I absolutely LOVE to travel and seek new places. I feel like I am constantly trying to see somewhere new and experience so many firsts. Food and words of affirmation are def my love language. And if you happen to chow down on Pad Thai, Al Pastor Tacos, and drink a lot of coffee.... well next date is on me! My boyfriends name is Juan, and man oh man do I love that man. He is my best-friend, my foundation, and the best chauffeur. 

I’m obsessed with college volleyball and actually was a collegiate volleyball player for the last four years of my life.   I’d rather be on the  Havasu River boating and cracking a cold one with my friends, family, and my two pups!. I frequently make impulsive travel decisions and hop on a plane almost every other weekend and will fly anywhere for a great adventure. My best friends would tell you I’m the life of the party and always trying to put a smile on their faces. When I don’t have a camera I am crushin' it at my indoor cycling classes or manifesting positive things while I do yoga. I believe Orange Subarus are signs of good luck and I like to consider myself a Tequila enthusiast!  

"Milestone moments, I live for that sh*t"

I am a photographer for those who enjoy warm joyful moments and photos. And I loveeeeeeeeeeee to CELEBRATE with my couples in whatever way that looks like. Shots of tequila right after you say "I DO", popping champagne, or an intimate moment on the mountain top????? (UMMM YES TO ALL OF THAT) I am here to celebrate and capture your love in the best way that represents you and your significant other.

So why should you choose me? Okay, honestly truly and all the good stuff, I am a photographer who is all about being in the moment and truly capturing the essences of the day. I want to make you feeeeeeeeeeel. FEEEEEEL GOOOOOOD, FEEEEEEEELLLLL INNNNN LOOOOVVVEEEEEE, FEEEEEEELL JOOOOOYFUL. From the moment you book with me and forevermore I want to create a friendship with you and be more than just vendor. I am here to serve you, capture your day, and celebrate the HECK outta yo love!!!

“I’m the kind of person who will feel like family or your closest friend from day one.  My past clients (aka friends) tell me I felt like I was part of their family, like what and HONOR!  I strive to be more than someone who just shows up to take your pictures, I invest all my time to get to know you and study the things that matter the most to you. Because let's just be honest for a second. This is your day and it is all about YOU and YOUR LOVE. Let's just say, I got your back!

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why I'm different

I'm not your average kinda of gal

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Drink margaritas in Tulum, Mexico

shoot elopement in the snow

capture a wedding in Greece or Balie

visit Japan

bucket list

Oregon - Montana - Florida - Oregon

Oregon - Las Vegas - Oregon - 

 Las vegas - arizona

palm spring ca - Las Vegas



Bahamas - hermosillo 






malibu - elopement

scotland - elopement

positano - wedding

florence - elopement


joshua tree np - elopement

lake como - engagement






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