After many years in the wedding industry, senior portrait business, and photography world in general, I felt that there was a demand for better education. From weddings to session portraits and TAXES I felt there was need to help creatives in their business so that they achieve their goals and seek ultimate JOY in their business. I understand what it's like to be on this rollercoaster of a ride as a business owner. That's why I created affordable education and guides to genuinely help you get there. I want you to succeed! Starting at $299 for a 2 hour zoom call!

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Helping photographers and videographers create a happy and enjoyable business.

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Education and More!!!

This is a self-paced online video course that teaches you the basic information about SEO and applying it to your blogs. This course helps with wedding photographers and videographers who are striving  to let their business work for them by creating strong SEO'D blogs that rank on google. The goal is to drive more people from google to your inbox and eventually to booking you for their wedding or event. 

This course will leave you feeling knowledgeable about how SEO works and how you can apply it to your future blogs. 

SEO Blogging Course

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This is a self-paced online video course that teaches you the basic information about business taxes and information. I am not a licensed CPA so this course is based off general information about business taxes, potential tax write off's for your business.

This course is based off my personal experience with taxes. 

Biz tax Course

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Helping Photographers and Videographers up-level their brand that truly aligns with their visions that bring them ultimate JOY in their business. 

Business Resources

Deals discounts, softwares, and gear

The absolute best  client relationship mangement software. Send contracts, invoices, and even automated emails to clients. I have been using Honeybook since 2018 and I haven't looked back. From having all my contract in once place, organizing projects, and tracking each payment that comes in this is software you need for your business. 

Get 25% off HB

Allergic to accounting? Jamie an Aloha Friday is the perfect small buisness CPA that manages the accounting side of things. Taxes are SCARY trust me I know! Ease your stress with proffessionally who will help with the scary side of business. 

"This firm isn’t just about accounting… No Way! It’s more extensive than that. It’s about helping YOU:

*** boost your business acumen
*** feel confident as a creative entrepreneur
*** craft a financial plan to suit your lifestyle
*** know and understand your numbers because no one cares more than you about your money


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Musicbed is where I get all my music for my films. Downloading music is easy for all your licensing needs. If you can't find the right song for your project you can personally reach out to music bed to help find the perfect match. From a varitey of playlists from other creators, genres, and a specific search engine for BPM this software is a must have for video creatives. 


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Topics we can go over: Virtual Mentorships are a free for all! Meaning there are no topics off the table for us to chat about. We can go over anything from getting started as a wedding photographer, getting started as a wedding videographer, editing photos or videos, SEO, Taxes and accounting, softwares, social media, branding.... You name it! You can ask me ANYTHING!

What does a virtual mentorship look like with you? 
Once I receive you inquiry form I will send over a questionnaire collecting all the information where you want to improve in your business. Once that questionnare is completed you will receive a contract + invoice for our time together for our mentorship. We then will have our call at your selected time answering all the questions you have! 

This is perfect for photographers and videographers!

Systems I use: 

Photography: Canon r6 Mark ii Lightroom, photoshop, canva, honeybook, quickbooks, pixieset
Videography: Canon r6 Mark ii  and  Premerie pro 

If you love everything you see lets get in touch for your mentorship!!

Virtual Mentorships

Morgan Said..

I have learned so much from Taylor in the past few years of her being my mentor. She has not only taught me so much about my camera, styling, lighting, proper posing but also how to operate the business side of the trade as well. She is truly a master of her craft and I have felt so lucky to absorb information from her. Taylor is not only talented behind the camera she is also very business savvy. Her extensive knowledge and success comes from years of building her own empire. On top of all of her talents she is also incredibly kind and a joy to be around. If you are lucky enough to learn from her you are in amazing hands! -Morgan Marie Photography

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