Few facts about weddings in Disney World at the Grand Floridian

  1. “How much is a wedding at Disney Grand Floridian?” – Pricing is all dependent on how many guests you brig, your ceremony + venue space, and any extra wedding amenities you would like to add. CLICK HERE if you want to check out some estimated costs to potentially book your fairytale wedding
  2. “What is the cost of a wedding photographer?” – Wedding photography prices are based strictly around experience, gear, travel, and delivery of images. An average price for a great wedding photographer is around 5-7K!! If you would like to get to know me and learn more about my wedding photography prices please click here!
  3. “The Average Price of a Walt Disney World Resort Stay” – I believe I paid roughly $2,500 for my trip to Disney World. This included my airfare, hotel for 4 days, meals, spending money, and Disney World ticket. If you are more curious on a breakdown for resort fares click here.

For Walt Disney World Weddings FAQs CLICK HERE

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