"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -Nicola Tesla

You are here for a reason! Welcome, welcome, welcome. You are here because somewhere and somehow you put out energy wanting to improve some part of your photo or video business. I don't know how you came here or how you found me but I am so happy you are here. I'm excited to offer one-on-one mentorships that allow you to retain actionable tools to help getting your business to where you want it to go. Not only do I want you to achieve your goals but I want you to up level your business game achieving success and enjoy every step of your journey. 

For Photographers + Videographers ready to up-level their biz game and create a happy and enjoyable business.

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These are just a few examples of some topics I can confidently educate in. If you have more questions on a different topic please specify in your response on your questionnaire at the bottom of this page!

- Client Communication
- Preparing for your photo session 
(Family, couples, seniors, etc)
- Nailing down your niche
- Social media Strategy
-Tools and Softwares that I use
- Photography Composition
-Understanding light
- Master posing
- Operating your camera for photos
- Operating your camera for video
- Reels 

- SEO + blogging tips
 Hybrid shooting
- How to sequence a film on premiere pro
- Video composition
- Small biz accounting tips
- Client Experience 
- Wedding Experience
- Pre and post session process
- Booking Travel 101
- Physical and mental well being on the road
- How to book more travel weddings 
- Pricing and packing helpful tips 
- and so much more!

No bullsh*t let's get to the good stuff

I have been the owner and photographer for the last 10 years of my biz Howie Photography is now referred to as a hybrid destination wedding photographer specializing in photo + video services. I am so proud to share that I have built a business from the ground up. Being the sole photographer, doing photo and video on a wedding day, creating a great team to tackle difficult wedding days, bringing the best service to the table, and getting amazing in depth truthful reviews that allow me to travel all over. Even if traveling isnt your thing I am here to bring actionable tools to up-level your business and enjoy it to the fullest!

The pivoting point for my business was the day I invested in education myself. I had the most AMAZING mentor who gave me the tools that allowed me to achieve the established, profitable, and thriving business I am right now. I wish I had known of education sooner and if I could go back I would have spent that money on my investment sooner rather than letting fear take over. I want to help you get to your goals quicker and do that right from the start. Success starts with Client Experience.... When you learn the best way to serve your clients from start to finish you are going to see rapid amounts of growth, joy, and a better enjoyment running your biz

So what are you waiting for? Cause if you''re waiting for a sign... This is it!(:

Your new biz bff! Hey Im Taylor!

I'm not your average kinda of gal

Morgan Said..

I have learned so much from Taylor in the past few years of her being my mentor. She has not only taught me so much about my camera, styling, lighting, proper posing but also how to operate the business side of the trade as well. She is truly a master of her craft and I have felt so lucky to absorb information from her. Taylor is not only talented behind the camera she is also very business savvy. Her extensive knowledge and success comes from years of building her own empire. On top of all of her talents she is also incredibly kind and a joy to be around. If you are lucky enough to learn from her you are in amazing hands! -Morgan Marie Photography