The newly weds stand back to back on their wedding day

When your wedding day finally arrives it can feel like so much is happening at once. You definitely don’t want to forget anything essential or have to stress about any detail of your wedding. That’s why I’ve created the perfect wedding day checklist so you can be prepared for anything on your big day!

The Checklist:

☐Wedding Rings (For obvious reasons you don’t want to forget these)

☐Your wedding vows (If you’re writing them yourselves, even if you’ve memorized them, you might want to have a last minute practice prior to the actual ceremony) 

☐A decorative or nice hanger to take pictures of your wedding dress 

☐Set aside any details you’ll want me to capture (This includes the wedding rings, shoes, your wedding bouquet, wedding gifts, and anything else you’ll want a photo memory of to hold onto forever)

☐Gratuity for vendors (Bonus Tip: Separate the gratuity into different envelopes with labels to make it even easier for you to pass them out)

☐Extra comfy shoes (That way you can dance the night away at your reception)

☐Marriage License (You definitely don’t want to forget this if you want to make it official on the day of your wedding)

☐Copies of your wedding day timeline (There’s a lot of nerves that flow throughout your wedding day and this ensures you won’t have to rely on your memory alone)

☐Cake knife (To cut your wedding cake of course)

☐Cell Phones Portable charger (Incase you need to get a hold of someone or would like to document any aspect of your wedding from your point of view)

☐Any accessories (This includes the boutonniere, wedding bouquet, jewelry, and any other accessories that will complete your bridal or wedding day look)

☐Wedding favors or gifts (Unless you’ve already given them out at a earlier time)

☐Wedding veil

☐Wedding Dress

☐Tuxedo and shoes


☐A deep breath (Yes, don’t forget to take one and remember to relax)

You’ll even want to pack a little emergency kit to be prepared for any unplanned bumps in your day, like your dress getting a little tear, your makeup getting messed up, or even having a stomach ache: 

Emergency Kit/ Touch Up Kit:

☐Safety pins

☐Pain reliever

☐Stain remover

☐Needle & thread

☐Adhesive Bandages

☐Floss & Mints

☐Extra makeup

☐Lint Roller

☐Snacks & water

☐Blotting sheets

This checklist will help you get through your entire wedding day from the ceremony, to the reception, and all the way to the after party. Don’t forget the most important thing of all is to have fun. This is going to be one of the happiest days of your life and there’s no point in stressing over small things. After all, you’re about to spend the rest of your life with the person you love most!

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