The bride and groom lean in for a kiss as the bride smiles. The bride and groom are underneath the wedding veil. Their backyard wedding in Gilbert , Arizona was truly magical.
The groom dips his bride as they kiss during golden hour sunset while the bride holds the lower half of her lace wedding dress into the air. They are kissing on the golf course during golden hour sunset at the Paiute Resort in Las Vegas Nevada
The groom leans in to kiss his bride under a beautiful arch of greenery at the Gather Estate wedding venue in Mesa Arizona

Your wedding day will be one the happiest days of your life because you’re finally marrying your best friend. This is a day that you’ll remember and you will relive those special memories again through your wedding day photos. Paying attention to these small details will help you have the most memorable wedding pictures possible.

Golden Hour:

Putting a block in your wedding timeline during sunset for you and your partner to sneak away to take some bridal portraits will be one of the best decisions you could make. I can’t forget to mention that this will be your first sunset as a married couple so why not share it together in an intimate setting with just the two of you (…. and me, Tay, but I’m just capturing all the lovey lovey moments and maybe a booty grab or two).

A Nice Hanger for Outfit Shots:

At the beginning of your big day when you’re getting ready it’s a good idea to bring a nice hanger so that I can capture your wedding dress or tuxedo before you change.

Nicely Ask Your Officiant to Step Aside During your First Kiss:

This is something you’d want to communicate in advance and once more on your wedding day just to be safe. Having your officiant step aside during your first kiss really makes this moment about just you and your partner. If not, you’ll likely have your officiant making an appearance in your wedding ceremony pictures (including when you have your first kiss as a married couple).

Unplugged Ceremony:

Trust me when I say this, having an unplugged ceremony is one of the best things you can do. You won’t have any unplanned interruptions to popular ringtones and your wedding ceremony photos will look beautiful without a million cell phones in the background and foreground (maybe this is a exaggeration, but it can feel like that when you’re looking at photos from your big day). I understand that sometimes family and friends want to be able to capture the moment themselves, but I promise I won’t miss capturing an important memory for you and it’s not worth having cell phones out during your ceremony.


Bringing props adds some life to your wedding party photos. It gives everyone something to do so the pictures turn out more natural and relaxed. You can even bring confetti for the bridesmaids and/or groomsmen to throw in the air or even sparklers to have a grand exit with some spice. It’s really up to you, this takes away from you or anyone else having to figure out what to do with their hands too.

Favorite Music:

Bringing a portable device to play a little music during your bridesmaid and groomsmen photos can help to loosen everyone up. You don’t want tension because that translates directly into the photographs. Relaxed shots look the best and are the most memorable because everyone is having so much fun!

Clean your Ring:

Same thing as your engagement session; You want to make sure that your ring is sparkling and clean because you’d be surprised at the build up that can happen even over a short period of time.

Don’t Over-Practice:

If you want to rehearse your first kiss, your first dance, or couples pose that you two are dying try at your wedding, the best advice I can give you is to not practice too much. Over-practicing can lead to you and your partner being stiff because you want the pose to be “perfect” instead of actually living in the moment.


Whether it’s your wedding program, invitation, special perfume you used for the day, something blue, a gift your spouse gave to you, your wedding bouquet, or literally anything else that you will want to remember. I advise you to gather everything ahead of time that way when your wedding day comes, you aren’t scrambling to find all of the small details you want me to capture that you will want to remember 10 years from now.

Relax and Enjoy the Day:

Just like I mentioned above, you need to relax and enjoy the day. It’s your wedding day and you’re literally marrying your best friend in the entire universe! It’s my job to capture you guys having the time of your lives celebrating your love and your job is to enjoy your wedding day together!!

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